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August 2, 2014

Two Year Old Sleeps Like a Queen

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We’re at the stage in life where Mini Maroon is transitioning from a baby into a boy and, for him, the most sought after reward for that is a big boy bed. Or course, it’s convenient since we’ll be repurposing Mini Maroon’s crib in a few months. Being a self-reliant type and having the necessary design and construction skills (Thanks Woodshop-Teacher Dad!), I immediately knew we would take on the responsibility of building the bed ourselves. After all, do-it-yourself projects can provide infinite satisfaction, to include education, pride, and frugality. After a few hours of research on the World Wide Web, we settled on a design and began to price components to get the best deal possible.

I’ll take an opportunity to back track about five years ago to our “cheap” but not necessarily frugal lifestyle. Having just bought our first home, Mrs. Maroon and I went straight out to the local mattress store in search of the marriage saver – the don’t-touch-me, don’t-steal-my-covers, leave-me-alone king size bed. We replaced a perfectly good, two year old queen bed, which we bought with “guest room” intentions, with a $1,800 super-duper pillow top mattress rated for ten full years of comfort and nighttime bliss. Fast forward five short years and there was never a good night’s sleep to be found on the damn thing! For our anniversary, we upgraded to a memory foam mattress which we took a huge chance on. And it’s awesome! So awesome, in fact, that I started there for the full size mattress for Mini Maroon’s new bed.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. We weren’t being frugal by building Mini Maroon a new bed instead of buying. We were being idiots. The whole time there’s been that perfectly good queen bed going practically unused in our guest bedroom future Maroon Girl’s bedroom. A little elbow grease and Mini Maroon is comfortably napping in his new big boy bed.


Our cost? ZERO.


~Mr. Maroon

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