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September 6, 2014

The Value of Value

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the concept of value… After all, isn’t that what are seeking – to improve the value of our future life?!? But does it have to come at the expense of value to our current life?


Confession Time

I had a bit of a breakdown a couple weeks ago. Mr. Maroon had spent a good chunk of every day sharing ideas with me about how to save more now, decrease spending so that we can live on less, get to retirement faster, etc. I was completely overwhelmed by what I deemed to be his ‘obsession’.


I am totally on-board with the idea of living frugally and saving our money now so that we have the ability to do as we please in retirement in the nearer future, as opposed to the distant future. But I was easily discouraged by his continued efforts to slash spending (because weren’t we already set up with a lean budget) and his disappointment that starting our retirement tomorrow, or even next year, was not a reality. 


The Illusion

So in my breakdown, I let loose on a couple things that I felt like he was taking away from me…

  • A respectable house, where I’m eager to invite people over.
  • Family vacations – both long adventures and weekend get-aways.
  • Simple, but not extravagant, luxuries in life.
  • High-quality, healthy foods for our family to eat.

I was convinced that all of his planning and budgeting was going to remove every shred of happiness from my life. Mr. Maroon humored me in letting me get it all out. I’m going to fall back on the fact that 35-week pregnancy hormones played a large role in generating my irrational fears and starting the whole conversation in the first place. But I’m glad we talked about it.


The Reality

First and foremost, Mr. Maroon assured me that he had no intentions of us ever living a life that we weren’t proud of or one that we didn’t enjoy – I was not expected to live in a shack with a dirt floor, while wearing my burlap sack, and serving instant noodles from a cup every night. Oh yes, and our children were NOT expected to enjoy mud pies for their birthdays.


That’s when we came to the conclusion that all of our spending decisions boiled down to the concept of VALUE. What are we getting now? VS What are we giving up? We are getting whatever the object of our desire is at the time. And what we are giving up is time – free time to do as we please in retirement.


The Future

I sometimes find myself yearning for some new material possession. Most recently, everything seems to have revolved around preparing for baby. We are only nine months into this adventure after all. The thing is that so far, nothing has been compelling enough to give up the future time in our retirement. I know with certainty that we will find apparent luxuries that we decide meet our definition of VALUE to justify the purchase for now. I also know with certainty that those decisions will not be taken lightly and that each of those purchases will increase the true VALUE of our current life.


~ Mrs. Maroon

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