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Friday's Frugalities

September 26, 2014

FF #11 – Frozen Delight

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 Ha! Fooled you... While I will never turn down ice cream, I don

I’ve always been a firm believer in fresh fruits and veggies. With the exception of those super tasty little mandarin oranges, I typically shy away from canned produce. Mr. Maroon has often touted the benefits of frozen produce. Still, call me a skeptic because I’ve just never really bought into it. Cue the enlightenment…   […]

Friday's Frugalities

January 10, 2014

FF #1 – Save those Berries!!

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As soon as you come home from the grocery store with berries, plan to soak them in a cool bath of water and vinegar. I don’t have exact measurements (I rarely measure when I cook), but I’d say a decent pour of plain, white vinegar into a half-full sink of cool water. I picked this […]