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Friday's Frugalities

August 29, 2014

FF #9 – Clean Out the Fridge

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So, what to do when the month appears to be a bit longer than the grocery budget? We can’t just not eat one day. Well maybe YOU can… but I get pretty darn irritable when I’m hungry. Oh, and I shudder to think what a day with Mini Maroon would be like if we didn’t […]

Friday's Frugalities

January 31, 2014

FF#4 – What Would I Do Without Breakfast?

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Breakfast… The most important meal of the day, right? I tend to agree. Maybe it’s just because I like food that much. But I am definitely a nicer person when I eat breakfast. The thing is that we don’t have to sacrifice our budget for breakfast just because it is the most important meal of […]

Friday's Frugalities

January 24, 2014

FF #3 – Leftovers: Love Them? Or Hate Them?

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Going to get this one done on time this week 😉 Anyway, Mr. Maroon and I have actually alluded to both FF #2 (Scatter-Brained from last week) and FF #3 (today’s post) concepts in previous post, which takes me back to the days of high school literature where the teacher tried desperately to convince us that […]