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Mrs. Maroon

December 13, 2014

Let There Be Light!

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Being in a new house, Christmas decorating was a little different this year. Fortunately, from an interior perspective, our new house has a very similar floor plan to the old house, which means we didn’t couldn’t find a need for new or additional decorations. For exterior lighting, however, the roof line is exceedingly different. No […]

Mr. Maroon

December 3, 2014

Bah Humbug!

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‘Tis the Season Every year at Christmas, since the beginning of our togetherness, Mrs. Maroon and I fight.  It’s true.  Despite all of the jolly carols, warm emotions, happy childhood memories, and beautiful décor that surround us, we can’t seem to find happiness because the Christmas season has ALWAYS brought despair. Despair in the form […]

Friday's Frugalities

October 3, 2014

FF # 12 – In-frugality Confession

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He even SLEEPS in them!

Taking a slight departure from the traditional Friday’s Frugalities topics, I want to share a recent splurge we made in our spending. Considering that our beach is 155 acres in west Texas, I would imagine it comes as no surprise that the Maroon household likes to wear western boots regularly. In fact, Mr. Maroon wears […]

Mr. Maroon

October 1, 2014

Unexpected Income

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What Should I Spend It On? A relative shared the following photo with me by text message last weekend. In order to make quick sense of it, since I only play the lottery when Santa leaves tickets in my stocking each Christmas, I responded by asking what exactly I should be looking for on this […]

Mr. Maroon

September 11, 2014

I Work to Live…

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I don’t live to work. Anybody else ever said that? I reluctantly started my working life in October 1995, at the age of fifteen, as a sacker at a local grocery store. All in all, it wasn’t a bad job, except I remember that it consumed my personal life. Almost every evening after school and […]

Mr. Maroon

August 24, 2014

Everything Must Change

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Desperate Times… Our quest for financial independence began out of desperation. Man – if I had only known how those six little words would change my life. As I hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”, I really wasn’t. I was lying. I was feeling desperate. I was feeling bored. I was feeling anything but lucky. My job […]

Mr. Maroon

August 2, 2014

Two Year Old Sleeps Like a Queen

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We’re at the stage in life where Mini Maroon is transitioning from a baby into a boy and, for him, the most sought after reward for that is a big boy bed. Or course, it’s convenient since we’ll be repurposing Mini Maroon’s crib in a few months. Being a self-reliant type and having the necessary […]

Mr. Maroon

July 29, 2014

Something’s Fowl

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If It Quacks Like a Duck… I started this long-delayed blog post with the intent to recap the one hundred and sixty six days and, what feels like, one hundred and sixty six changes in our life since our previous listing. And it sucked. It was full of excuses. Don’t worry…we haven’t fallen off of […]

Mrs. Maroon

January 28, 2014

Paying It Forward

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The concept of paying it forward has (thankfully) become more and more prevalent in today’s society. It’s refreshing to see the story go viral about a gentleman that just lost his wife who treated a young couple to dinner… just one of the many, many stories I’ve come across lately in this world of ever-connected […]

Mr. Maroon

January 6, 2014

The Master Plan

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Spending Budget

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy Mrs. Maroon and I have been generally unsatisfied with our society-defined adult lives.  Earn money, spend money, repeat.  Perpetually.  My master plan for change evolved from a constant yearning to escape that society-defined life for one I had more control of, one I knew deep […]