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Mrs. Maroon

November 25, 2014

In Pursuit of Perfection

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Nearly three years into parenthood I have discovered two truths related to children. Well there are actually a lot more. But my infinite wisdom runs out at two today… Kids grow out of clothes incredibly fast. When is the last time you scrapped your whole closet twice a year?? People love to give you things […]

Accountability Partners

October 29, 2014


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The New Webster

Perfect topic for me today. Today starts yet another new chapter in the Maroon household… my first day back working following the arrival of Mini Maroon 2. I’m keeping her with me while I fit in a half-time work schedule from home. Mini 1 is returning to daycare after having some time at home with […]

Mr. Maroon

September 29, 2014

Why Do You Keep Buying Unnecessary Stuff

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Your New Daughter Needs Stuff…No, She Doesn’t For those keeping track, we’re settling in as a family of four. Mrs. Maroon has touched a little bit on new babies and all the “stuff” normal people accessorize them with. So, it’s no wonder that the last two weeks have been filled with packages on the doorstep […]

Friday's Frugalities

September 12, 2014

The Day Has Arrived!

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Please excuse me from a detailed posting for  our normal Friday’s Frugalities today… We are headed to the hospital to have a baby!! Excited to meet baby girl in just a few more hours.   Happy Friday!   ~ Mrs. Maroon

Mrs. Maroon

August 27, 2014

Waiting on Mini Maroon 2 – Part 2

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Following the theme from FF #8, we continue in the preparation for baby… (I started writing this with the intention of it being another Friday’s Frugalities segment. The ideas just kept flowing, so this particular idea got upgraded not one, but two full-length articles!) Since this is our second child, I certainly have a different […]

Friday's Frugalities

August 25, 2014

FF #8 – Waiting for Mini Maroon 2

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In honor of the upcoming arrival of Mini Maroon 2, I thought I’d devote a couple posts to preparing for baby… Infant Inflation It’s no surprise that babies can be expensive. Very similar to weddings, tack the concept of baby on to an item and watch the price go up. Retailers bank on exploiting customer’s […]

Friday's Frugalities

August 15, 2014

FF #7 – Power in Planning

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My inspiration for today’s tip came last Thursday. But seeing how we were on our way to rural west Texas, I decided to save my thoughts for today… The family decided to make a trip out to our farm in west Texas for a long weekend. Among other things, it was a celebration of no […]

Mr. Maroon

August 2, 2014

Two Year Old Sleeps Like a Queen

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We’re at the stage in life where Mini Maroon is transitioning from a baby into a boy and, for him, the most sought after reward for that is a big boy bed. Or course, it’s convenient since we’ll be repurposing Mini Maroon’s crib in a few months. Being a self-reliant type and having the necessary […]

Friday's Frugalities

August 1, 2014

FF #6 – Easy as Pie

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Friday nights have become pizza and movie night at the Maroon house. Something we thought would be fun to establish as a regular routine for Mini Maroon to enjoy. I have gotten into the habit of making it all myself. I use a mix to do the crust, make sauce, shred cheese, and top with […]