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Friday's Frugalities,Mrs. Maroon

March 8, 2015

FF #14 – My New Cleaning Solution

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 Ewww!! (And yes, a little bit of broccoli waiting for its fate with the disposal)

Whoa!! Been a while since the thought of a Friday’s Frugalities crossed this corner of the web. Somewhere along the way, my grand plans for a weekly series went out the window. Oh yeah, and it’s definitely Sunday right now. I’ve warned you before that I’m scatter-brained. But I came across something so great just now I couldn’t help but […]

Mrs. Maroon

February 9, 2015

Are You Too Chicken…

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 Can you believe you can get all of this goodness for roughly $5??

To Cook A Whole Chicken?? At one point in my life, I was. I watched in horror as Mr. Maroon skinned the chicken and removed the gizzards (great visual right??) He had plans to shove a can of beer up inside and roast it on the grill for about an hour… appropriately dubbed the ‘beer-in-the-butt […]

Mrs. Maroon

January 13, 2015

A Glimpse Into Retirement

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We are not opposed to child labor

We were given a glimpse into what our retirement lifestyle might look like last week. We started with a short week because of New Year’s. Then we had the threat of winter weather… To everyone north of here thinking “winter weather isn’t that big of a deal!”, all normal functions basically shut down with winter […]

Mrs. Maroon

December 20, 2014

Best Gift Ever

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 They are just sponges. Yes. But they are the BEST sponges ever created!

As I read Mrs. Frugalwoods discuss how she lovingly gifted a Soviet-era tank piston to Mr. Frugalwoods today (okay, it’s been nearly three weeks… but that’s what happens when you first read something while sitting in the dark rocking a baby in the wee hours of the morning – I’m just now getting my thoughts down on paper […]

Mrs. Maroon

January 10, 2014

A Regular Word from the Mrs.

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The Pressures and Rewards of Domesticity Ever since we got married, Mr. Maroon has liked to deem me the keeper of the house. He considers it to be the womanly thing. I have always pushed back and resisted. To some degree, it makes me cringe every time he says it. I find it to be […]