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Mrs. Maroon

December 25, 2014

A Christmas Brag

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  I’ve been thinking about sharing a full recap of the past two days. But seeing how it’s after 11:00p already, and the real fun (or shall I say madness) starts tomorrow as we travel to Texas to visit my family, I’ll keep it short…   Mr. Maroon outdid himself this year. Although we debated […]

Mrs. Maroon

December 20, 2014

Best Gift Ever

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 They are just sponges. Yes. But they are the BEST sponges ever created!

As I read Mrs. Frugalwoods discuss how she lovingly gifted a Soviet-era tank piston to Mr. Frugalwoods today (okay, it’s been nearly three weeks… but that’s what happens when you first read something while sitting in the dark rocking a baby in the wee hours of the morning – I’m just now getting my thoughts down on paper […]

Mrs. Maroon

December 15, 2014

Christmas Spirit Continues

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 Handmade crafting at it

Based on Mr. Maroon’s contribution regarding Christmas, you might have gotten the impression that he doesn’t care for the Christmas season. However, you’d be wrong! He’s actually the one that will encourage more decorating around our house. He had the idea to host a Christmas party at our house for friends and family back in Texas. […]

Mrs. Maroon

December 13, 2014

Let There Be Light!

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Being in a new house, Christmas decorating was a little different this year. Fortunately, from an interior perspective, our new house has a very similar floor plan to the old house, which means we didn’t couldn’t find a need for new or additional decorations. For exterior lighting, however, the roof line is exceedingly different. No […]

Mr. Maroon

December 3, 2014

Bah Humbug!

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‘Tis the Season Every year at Christmas, since the beginning of our togetherness, Mrs. Maroon and I fight.  It’s true.  Despite all of the jolly carols, warm emotions, happy childhood memories, and beautiful décor that surround us, we can’t seem to find happiness because the Christmas season has ALWAYS brought despair. Despair in the form […]