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July 29, 2014

Something’s Fowl

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If It Quacks Like a Duck…

I started this long-delayed blog post with the intent to recap the one hundred and sixty six days and, what feels like, one hundred and sixty six changes in our life since our previous listing. And it sucked. It was full of excuses. Don’t worry…we haven’t fallen off of the financial independence bandwagon. Financially we’ve already achieved quite a bit of success half way into 2014. But I’ll save that for another post. This post needs to be about ducks – particularly recognizing a duck when you see one and not pretending it’s a bird of another feather.

A favorite idiom of mine goes something like: the most difficult person you’re going to have to deal with today watches you shave his face in the mirror every morning. And that’s right in line with the thoughts dancing through my mind this afternoon. You see, there are two dozen or more excuses I can come up with as to why I haven’t kept up this blog. But “the duck” is very simply that I haven’t made it a priority. And there’s more where that comes from. For everything I do that I shouldn’t or don’t do that I should, there’s plenty of false justification that I can come up with to help me feel better about it. False justification…you know, excuses! But, the unavoidable truth is that I struggle finding the self discipline necessary to achieve my goals. And without discipline, I tend to relax my goals or ignore them altogether. I succumb to excuses.

The Ugly Duckling

I like metaphors, but this one isn’t so farfetched: Excuses are Ugly! In fact, they are essentially the only thing standing between me and happiness. So, to keep it short and sweet…




Now then, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Stay tuned…get marooned!

~Mr. Maroon

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