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January 28, 2014

Paying It Forward

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The concept of paying it forward has (thankfully) become more and more prevalent in today’s society. It’s refreshing to see the story go viral about a gentleman that just lost his wife who treated a young couple to dinner… just one of the many, many stories I’ve come across lately in this world of ever-connected social media. And rightfully so, reading these warm, fuzzy stories can often cause one to take a look inward at our own actions and activities.

What About Others?

One of the reasons that Mr. Maroon and I started this journey was to eschew the slippery slope of the materialistic lifestyle that we’d started down. We were often overly concerned with satisfying our own wants and needs before considering those of others. And given this (overwhelming large!) stage we are now using to share our life, I wondered what we were missing. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t hoard our money completely to ourselves. When we find the cause that piques our interest, we contribute. But it struck me as selfish as we’ve been putting together budgets and trying to project out how much money we can put away into savings for our future, down to the penny. We are willing to make certain sacrifices now for the dream of financial freedom in the future. But what about shaping our souls to truly be able to enjoy that freedom? If we can pinch out all of these extra pennies, quarters, and five dollar bills, shouldn’t some of that go towards benefitting someone other than ourselves?

So that brings us back to the budget… We don’t have a monthly allowance for charity. I don’t feel like a charitable contribution is one that you plan out months at a time. I plan for us to spend wisely as we see fit. Our family doesn’t have a specific cause or message that we overwhelmingly support. Therefore, our donations and contributions to others simply go to the places that we deem most worthy at the time. And speaking of worthy, I always make sure that the organizations I choose to support really put my hard-earned dollars to good use. Nothing irks me more than learning about executives at charitable organizations with extravagant lifestyles supported by the donations of so many regular folks like me.

Getting Started in 2014

I plan for our first contribution for 2014 to be to the memorial fund of a college classmate of Mr. Maroon (who has already made a cameo appearance in a post). She was so beloved by family and friends that they were able to endow a scholarship for a female engineering student at our alma mater. They are now looking for a little extra help to award the scholarship immediately before the endowment can kick in. This is a cause I’m drawn to… First, it supports a student following in the same footsteps as we did. Plus they couldn’t have found a better namesake for the scholarship. Although we were not friends per se, through the genius of social media, I kept up with her daily activities in which she was a dedicated engineer, supportive wife, avid adventurist, loyal volunteer to multiple organizations – generally a woman of character worthy of imitating. I often wondered how she found time to fit it all in. Plus they ate fabulous food!

So, I’m not sure yet what our next cause will be. We still haven’t even worked out how much we want to contribute. But I will rest easier knowing that we are feeding our souls to be our best yet for when we achieve our worldly goals.

 ~ Mrs. Maroon

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