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Mrs. Maroon

August 19, 2014

It’s The Little Things

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We Maroons took the plunge and married six years ago. I’m not going to lie – there have been times where I thought we were going to rip each other’s heads off. With an abundance of good times too. By this point, a lot of it comes down to the little things to sustain a healthy marriage. Enter Mr. Maroon! He’s always been excellent at finding ways to show me that he cares. Yesterday morning was no exception.


I have the privilege (and sometimes curse) of working my JOB from home now. After I get the boys set for the day, Mr. Maroon leaves to drop off the Mini on his way to work. And I stroll from the coffee pot to the computer to get down to work. Imagine my surprise to find a vase full of flowers on my desk as I rounded the corner. Throughout our entire relationship, we have agreed that while flowers are a nice gesture, it seems a little silly to spend tons of money on them (we’ve had the Maroon mindset for a while). But Mr. Maroon just demonstrated that his thoughtfulness doesn’t have to come at the expense of our finances. He just repurposed the flowers taking off in our front flower bed.

Love Doesn’t Cost A Thing

With some creative thinking and a couple minutes of effort, Mr. Maroon was able to jump start my week with positivity and warm fuzzies. Notice that I didn’t say he used money. These little gestures in life, whether for children, spouses, friends, or family, don’t have to be expensive. As cliché as it has become, it really is the thought that counts. And I have no doubt that the rewards in a fulfilling marriage will be immeasurable.

~ Mrs. Maroon


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