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Mrs. Maroon

January 4, 2014

Introducing the Mrs.

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You Want To Do What?!

So if you’re anything like me, you will have found Mr. Maroon’s introduction of the blog to be inspiring and motivational. What a picture he painted! But all of those warm and fuzzy feelings can quickly change into the cold and uncomfortable thoughts of…

  • What exactly are you talking about?
  • Is that really possible?
  • How on earth can it be done?
  • Am I capable of making these changes?

I succumb to those thoughts more easily than I’d like to admit. My challenge is to find a way to overcome doubt and insecurity so that I can tackle new adventures with confidence and excitement.

Different Shades of Maroon

When the Mr. and I met, I would have called myself the splurge while he was the saver. As he mentioned on Thursday, he wasn’t even willing to buy an iPod mini (which I later gifted him, by the way). It also stands out to me that I bought a $90 shirt for a Christmas party (Mr. Maroon reminded me I got chocolate mousse on it and never wore it again) and spent nearly $20 for face wash to his $3. We were definitely not on the same page.

Somewhere along the line, we switched. I don’t even remember it happening. But it was obvious we still weren’t on the same page. Mr. Maroon wanted to accumulate worldly possessions while I wanted to save money for the elusive ‘retirement’. My way of saving was to just not buy things. Unless of course I really thought I needed it. Then it was okay. Wish I could say that I was as understanding when the Mr. really wanted something too. The thing is that I never had a set goal in mind. I never put a number to the savings I thought we needed. So when I really thought that I needed to go out for dinner with the ladies or HAD to have those new shoes, I just did it. And with no specific number to target, no one could hold me accountable for the expense. We did in fact try to plan a budget, but never stuck to it. And certainly never put a specific amount for savings.

Okay, Who Are You And What Have You Done With My Husband?

Being really honest with you, when Mr. Maroon came to me with the idea a couple weeks ago of starting down the path to our own financial freedom, I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. His lofty goals scared me. And they surprised me. This coming from the man that regularly decided we needed a new toy or other trinket. I thought that there was no way anything like this was possible. And perhaps that a martian had replaced my husband!!

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

With quite a bit of communication, we’ve made great strides in finding the same page for writing the next phase of our lives. I find it amazing to see what a bit of planning, dedication and true desire can do for a person. Finally closing the loop on my thoughts, I wrestled with all of the above questions. It’s completely normal when trekking out into something new. But I know that holding on to my doubts and insecurities will only hold me back in reaching our full and greatest potential in our quest for financial freedom. For that reason, I choose to focus on the amazing possibilities ahead of us. How much more joyous and fulfilling our life can be. Same as many other situations I encounter, my outlook is all a matter of attitude and perception. So in this case, I choose to be positive and confident about where this journey will take us, and how it will change my family.

Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll reveal our now-mutual lofty goals and attempt to break down exactly how we plan to jump start our new life and start mixing our maroons.

~ Mrs. Maroon

The Master Plan
Howdy and Welcome to Mixing Maroons!

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