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Mrs. Maroon

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the past week or so, I’ve had the pleasure of reading multiple posts from others talking about what they are thankful for this year. Each one is beautiful and thoughtful. Considering I didn’t even know these people even existed last year, I find them all delightful to read. Until now I haven’t put my actual thoughts on to paper, but they run through my head regularly.


Many Thanks

I’m thankful for my wonderful children – especially since we added Mini Maroon #2 just two months ago. I’m thankful for the well-paying jobs that afford us the lifestyle that we lead – from our house, to our cars, to our activities, to everything else we do. I’m thankful for loving family, our health, an easy pregnancy with quick recovery, and many more. And obviously I’m thankful for Mr. Maroon. But until yesterday afternoon, I didn’t quite realize the magnitude of that gratitude (I promise I didn’t plan that!!) I have for Mr. Maroon. See, he is the one that discovered and started us down this path to financial independence.


Is All Hope Lost?

Who would have guessed that an overwhelming sense of desperation would in fact lead to greatness?! But it was that desperation that led Mr. Maroon to seek help on Google. And nothing has been the same since. This time last year, we were unhappy with what seemed like everything going on in life. The most important (and scary) one is that we weren’t happy with each other. But I can tell you that since we have united together to pursue our life-altering goal of financial independence, we are closer to each other than ever before. We now feel a greater sense of purpose. And what can sometimes turn into the monotony of day-to-day chores now brings much greater joy. So, while I consider everything else that we have to be thankful for, the very top of my list is Mr. Maroon leading our family towards our new definition of happiness.


Now, Let’s EAT!

A quick peek into our meal preparations…


 The smoker is going strong!

The smoker is going strong!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

~ Mrs. Maroon

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