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Friday's Frugalities

January 18, 2014

Friday’s Frugalities #2 – Scatter-Brained

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Here, this is my first opportunity to be consistent with a regular contribution, and I forgot! I’m sure I could find several reasons to throw out there, but they’d all just be poor excuses so I’ll skip right on past that part and get straight to the point. The fact that I forgot to write my weekly contribution actually plays right into my thoughts for the week – and no, I didn’t plan it this way to make a point. My suggestion is to GET ORGANIZED! It seems like such an easy concept, but so hard to implement, and even harder to maintain. But the thing is that if your pantry, for example, is in complete disarray, it’s only human nature to add absolutely everything you need to your shopping list for the week without even knowing that you have three cans of black beans buried in the pantry that you might never use again in the next six months. Mr. Maroon and I did a bit of a re-organization of our pantry last week. It’s not perfect. It never will be. And will likely need a good, thorough once-over again long before I thought it would. But I can now see all of the staples we have on hand and avoid unnecessary purchases leaving cash in our pockets for the week/month. You might be amazed to see what else you find and can put to use. Plus if you are anything like me, who lacks a certain degree of domestic prowess, the idea of having an organized and clean (don’t forget to clean while everything is off the shelf!) pantry is out of this world. Nevermind the fact that a second dog could be swept from the kitchen floor right now… I have a clean pantry!!

 ~ Mrs. Maroon

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