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January 31, 2014

FF#4 – What Would I Do Without Breakfast?

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Breakfast… The most important meal of the day, right? I tend to agree. Maybe it’s just because I like food that much. But I am definitely a nicer person when I eat breakfast. The thing is that we don’t have to sacrifice our budget for breakfast just because it is the most important meal of the day. And we don’t have to give up those precious extra seconds of sleep in the morning just to make it happen.

Caffeine Addictions

One of our inspirations for this journey, Mr. Money Mustache, gave an excellent discussion of gourmet coffee habits and how much more you can do with that cash. So I won’t re-invent his wheel. But, what is the alternative?!? Obviously making coffee at home is a huge plus. To save time in the morning, and honestly if you are stopping, standing in line, and waiting for your coffee and scone, you must not be TOO concerned with time… But I digress. So set up the coffee the night before. If you have a programmable coffee pot, great! Set it up to start when your alarm is supposed to go off. The aroma will help kick start you out of bed. If you are like the maroon household, we don’t have a programmable pot. So just set it up the night before and stumble into the kitchen and hit the go button before your shower. It will be calling your name by the time you dry off. If you are addicted to the kind of coffee you get at a gourmet coffee shop, I have seen recipes for amazing home-made coffee creamers. All the taste. Much less expense. And likely none of the questionable ingredients in so many mainstream creamer options.

Grab and GO!

So, we’ve covered coffee. Now for real sustenance… One of my favorite grab and go breakfast ideas is egg muffins. Mini Maroon takes breakfast to school every morning (yes, even though he’s only almost two, he still goes to school). We have also chosen for Mini Maroon to follow a gluten-free diet (that story is for another time), which on the surface makes for limited options available for him. But I’m telling you, the egg muffins are fabulous! And simple!! I made some last night while supper was cooking – now that’s multi-tasking. But how to make them?

Start with a muffin pan. Grease each cup with your chosen medium. Don’t forget this step as I did last night… they stick. Layer in some form of meat and/or veggie. Add cheese on top so that it’s about half-full. Then scramble one egg per cup and pour on top. Bake at around 350F for about 20-25 minutes until they look golden on top. Last night, Mini Maroon’s egg muffins got made with leftover chopped brisket. In the past, I’ve used broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onions, bacon, turkey… you name it. Did I mention that these are a GREAT way to use that last little bit of some leftovers? Like the chopped brisket last night – too small for a whole meal. And under other circumstances, might have gone to waste. But I took those little scraps of leftovers to make my life easy in the morning. Just store in the fridge and warm in the morning.


Now that you’ve got your coffee and nutritious breakfast ready to go at home, you are set to start the morning off with a bang. No need to stop and pay outrageous markups for something you can just as easily do at home. Another win-win-win… Quick and easy in the morning. Arguably much healthier (hide those veggies were you can). And a big savings!

~ Mrs. Maroon

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