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August 25, 2014

FF #8 – Waiting for Mini Maroon 2

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In honor of the upcoming arrival of Mini Maroon 2, I thought I’d devote a couple posts to preparing for baby…

Infant Inflation

It’s no surprise that babies can be expensive. Very similar to weddings, tack the concept of baby on to an item and watch the price go up. Retailers bank on exploiting customer’s emotions related to the new baby. That emotion somehow seems to make people throw their financial logic out the window. While it would be so easy to blame the retailers, can you really blame them? If the consumers are willing to pay for it, why not charge it. Supply and demand – the essence of a free market. I don’t claim to be an economist by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, I somehow escaped with a college degree without taking an Economics class; my last formal instruction was in high school. But still, the concept of supply and demand is a pretty basic one.

Oh and the wonderful invention of baby showers! I must admit that most of our big ticket items from Mini 1 through our showers. I think the grandma-to-be, along with all of her friends, can be consumed by the idea of a baby showers. They seem to be the most susceptible to throwing all logic out the window. Perhaps they find the excitement so compelling because they have no thought or relation to any of the downsides (ever heard of sleep?) that come with new babies. All they can see is joy. And seeing how they have successfully passed this stage in their life, I say they get a pass in this area.

Plan Ahead, Buy Once

The thing is that we made a very conscious decision to make all of the ‘gear’ be as gender neutral as possible. Sure, there are so many simply adorable options that are very specific to boy or girl. And it’s very tempting to pick that baseball or lady bug theme. (It’s actually probably a really good thing that we had a boy first. I’m not sure I could have passed up the lady bugs in my pre-Maroon days!) So over the last several weeks, as we’ve pulled down all of the gear to prepare for Mini 2, almost every single thing has been reusable for baby girl this time.

Our clothing selection for Mini 1 is definitely not as gender neutral as the gear. But after sorting and washing clothes this weekend, I found quite the wardrobe to use this time around. Several might require a headband or bow so that we don’t confuse folks in public – or maybe we’ll confuse them even more. But really most of it is definitely reusable. To date, the only money we have spent in preparing for Mini 2 has been for those teeny, tiny diapers. I am lucky enough to have received a gift card from co-workers, so I will shortly be able to get a little stash of dresses and bows. But I still anticipate virtually all of our expenses will come from the disposable necessities. Enter the maroon mindset!

~ Mrs. Maroon

Better late than never… remember, crazy 36-week pregnant lady here!!

Waiting on Mini Maroon 2 - Part 2
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  1. Comment by Mrs. SSC — August 31, 2014 @ 6:00 AM

    Hi! I just stumbled on your blog, as I’m fairly new to the blogging world also, just having started FI planning at the beginning of this year. Anyways – this is a great post. We just had a baby girl last year, after having a baby boy a few years ago. And so much can be reused. we also tried for gender neutral the first time, and that helps. Our biggest problem is that sometimes we feel guilty – as we don’t buy her new toys, and only occasionally some new clothes… I worry about her having ‘second child’ syndrome…which is what I think lots of my friends/family attribute it to – while really I am trying to be frugal! We have bought her a few girl items – we find that a pair of girly shorts, or girly socks go a long way into feminizing the outfit! Good luck!

    Mrs. Maroon Reply:

    I have decided that hands down, Mommy-guilt is the worst feeling in the world. Deep down, I know I’m doing a good job(most of the time at least). But never fails that I will hear or read something, or even better yet, talk to someone (family in particular) that will cause me to call everything into question.

    We got just about all of Mini 1′s clothes brand new. But a neighbor was kind enough to bring over some girl clothes last week. I now have a whole stash of girl clothes to choose from. And I don’t see anything wrong with that. They will clothe her just as well.

    Why go blow money on something that we aren’t going to use that many times?? But then again, you and I understand that. Trying to convince the mainstream society is another story. In the end, we have to make ourselves happy. And then we can laugh when we kick back while they continue to slave away at work!

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