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Friday's Frugalities

August 15, 2014

FF #7 – Power in Planning

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My inspiration for today’s tip came last Thursday. But seeing how we were on our way to rural west Texas, I decided to save my thoughts for today…

The family decided to make a trip out to our farm in west Texas for a long weekend. Among other things, it was a celebration of no longer being in debt for the farm – but I’ll save that story for Mr. Maroon. It was his plan after all! So we loaded up Mini Maroon, the dog, and enough supplies to last a month, it felt like. I was feeling good about myself that we had coordinated food ahead of time with the other folks who would be joining us. We had a plan. I had even done my grocery shopping here in town knowing that rural stores often mean higher prices given their remote locations.

A trip to west Texas in August means one very important commodity to have on hand at all times… WATER! Now we did get lucky that we had some cloud cover and brief showers to give us a bit of a reprieve from the heat. But it’s still summer in Texas. Knowing most of our time would be spent outside, I planned ahead for plenty of hydration options. I found a case of 35 bottles of water for $3.50. That is a whole dime for a bottle of water. What a steal!! Now, I’m confident that I am the mom in charge of both my family and my pocketbook.

Going back to our driving adventure… Several hours into the drive, Mini Maroon announces that he needs to go to the bathroom. We decide to make a stop at the world of the Waltons because this (confident) momma forgot a couple other necessities. But not a big deal, everything has pretty good prices there. So as we approach the checkout line, Mr. Maroon asks if I want a drink. Sounds pretty good to me. We all grab a cold bottle of water from the fridge. Then comes the sticker shock… $1.58 EACH. Now wait a minute! I bought water from the same place for a dime a bottle. And now I have to spend 16 times that much. But here’s the kicker – mine was hot while theirs was cold. And that’s where they have trapped me. We have a cooler with us. It is even cold to carry our cold groceries. But did I plan ahead enough to put water in for a mid-drive break? Sadly, no. Now in the grand scheme of things, our refreshments were still in the $5 range. But still, that hurts when it could be less than 10% of that. So, note to future self… PLAN AHEAD!!

~ Mrs. Maroon

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