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Friday's Frugalities

August 1, 2014

FF #6 – Easy as Pie

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Friday nights have become pizza and movie night at the Maroon house. Something we thought would be fun to establish as a regular routine for Mini Maroon to enjoy. I have gotten into the habit of making it all myself. I use a mix to do the crust, make sauce, shred cheese, and top with whatever we have in the fridge. This in itself helps us on the spending side of things… Less expensive than pizza delivery and uses leftover groceries that might otherwise go to waste. Plus, it makes me feel like it is somewhat better for us to eat. (I must admit there is a lot to be said for helping Momma feel better about the choices she makes for the family!) And when I say whatever we have in the fridge, I mean it. Mr. Maroon wasn’t too impressed by the shredded carrots and broccoli from last week. But being the excellent husband he is, he went right along with me.

Anyway, I went to go make crust earlier today so that it could have time to rise. Problem! No eggs. Okay, I’ll just make a run to the store. But wait, isn’t that kind of a waste just for eggs? Then came the light bulb moment… Did you know that you can substitute flax seed mill combined with water for eggs in recipes?!? This trick is supposed to mimic the consistency and texture of eggs. Now, I do happen to have flax seed mill around the house to add to yogurt parfaits and smoothies. Flax seeds actually pack a pretty potent punch nutritionally, but I digress; maybe another time. What a concept – I can substitute a staple ingredient for a perishable one in a pinch! Something I can keep around the house without fear of it spoiling can be used in place of something as perishable as eggs. I like it!!

Now, I’m sure you are still wondering why on earth this topic has come to me for a Friday’s Frugalities discussion. You must be saying ‘I thought we are talking about our spending habits, not cooking style.’ The thing is that I can assure you that if I had run to the store to get eggs, I would have walked out of the store with three things I didn’t really need, but that I convinced myself I HAD TO HAVE. I would have spent the gas to go get it. And of equal or even greater importance, I would have spent my valuable time on a crisis errand that I could have avoided. As Mr. Maroon reminds us, our time should be budgeted and watched as closely as our money.

~ Mrs. Maroon

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