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November 21, 2014

FF #14 – Deadly Multi-Tasking

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Deadly to your budget that is…


It’s no surprise that even the most basic life tasks get exponentially more difficult with an infant (can’t believe she’s not really a newborn anymore!) in the house. I often dream about being the picture-perfect domestic goddess. The truth is that I am often always far from it. Here lately, laundry seems to be kicking my butt – it’s a never ending process with a new baby and recently potty-trained toddler. Over and over and over again.


In my attempts to squeeze in other tasks, I’ve been guilty of getting sidetracked and distracted. My brain becomes overloaded and the prospect of sleep overtakes me in the evening. On a couple occasions recently, I have forgotten that I washed a load. Our clothes contentedly sat in the washer all night long while I reveled in some refreshing sleep. But they were still staring at me from the washer in the morning – but this time, with the hideous morning breath of mildew. EWWW! Not a pretty thing in the morning (or afternoon when I finally realize they’ve been in there for 24 hours). Which then leads to another washing – wasting water and detergent.


I’m not the only one!

To ease my conscious a little bit, the week I had been greeted by mildew breath on more than one occasion, I stumbled upon the following gem from my social media feed. Her children are similar in age to the Minis. Small consolation to know that I’m not alone in fighting this battle with laundry.


Mommy Problems!


Now What?

I’ve identified a problem, but now what to do about it?

I’m actually going to start imposing a quick walk-through of the house each evening. Survey each room to identify critical chores that need attention. Not the “oh I wish I’d gotten to this today” chores. But the “I’m going to kick myself in the rump if I forget this tonight” tasks. If it’s not quick and critical it can wait until tomorrow – Put leftovers into the fridge YES. Sort junk mail NO. Sheets on the bed YES (Though Mr. Maroon has offered to sleep on sleeping bags to avoid making the bed on more than one occasion). Put away laundry NO. Set up coffee maker for the morning YES!!! Why is it that task that takes a mere 30 seconds the night before feels like it takes a full 10 minutes the next morning?!?


Do you have a nightly routine? Has your attempt at multi-tasking ever come back to bite you?


~ Mrs. Maroon

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  1. Comment by Mrs SSC — November 21, 2014 @ 6:47 AM

    I’m glad this isn’t just me! Mr. SSC makes fun of me because I have “Oh shiny!” syndrome he calls it. I will tell him, I am going to go downstairs and quickly clean up X…. on my way down there, I notice A, B, C, and D and take care of that, and completely forget about X. ITs like I am overwhelmed by a countless number of small tasks that need to be done.

    Somedays, I postpone picking the kids up from daycare for 20 minutes just so I can run around the house taking care of all the 2-minute jobs that never get done.

    I’m also a big list maker… so if I feel really overwhelmed I’ll make a list that says “Thursday- laundry, Friday- Bills, and clean up my closet” Just writing it down and having a plan makes me feel less stressed. Sometimes I joke about making a “chore chart” to post on the fridge for Mr. SSC and myself!

    Mrs. Maroon Reply:

    I am guilty of all of the above! We describe the distractions as “look there’s a kitty”. It particularly bothers Mr. Maroon when I do it close to bedtime. He just doesn’t understand that I can sleep better knowing I got it done!

  2. Comment by Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom — November 21, 2014 @ 3:56 PM

    I only have the one potty training toddler, but I’m still not able to be the domestic goddess I dream that I can be.

    Mildew loads of laundry are the worst. Especially when they still smell after re-washing and stink up the whole closet!

    Mrs. Maroon Reply:

    There are simply not enough hours in the day!!

  3. Comment by Liz — November 22, 2014 @ 6:00 PM

    I am guilty of multi-tasking overkill. It’s hard because there is never enough time in the day! I can only imagine that kids to the mix make the days much more busier too.

    Mrs. Maroon Reply:

    Somehow, you fit it in. I remember feeling like there was too much to do before these two came along…

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