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Friday's Frugalities

October 3, 2014

FF # 12 – In-frugality Confession

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Taking a slight departure from the traditional Friday’s Frugalities topics, I want to share a recent splurge we made in our spending. Considering that our beach is 155 acres in west Texas, I would imagine it comes as no surprise that the Maroon household likes to wear western boots regularly. In fact, Mr. Maroon wears nothing else to work. Occasionally you will find him in athletic shoes over the weekend, but that is primarily because he refuses to wear boots with shorts… and it gets HOT down here in the summer. You will also catch me wearing western boots throughout most of the fall and winter. So, if mommy and daddy get to wear boots, you can bet Mini Maroon 1 wants some too!!

We bought a pair last fall, which set us back about $50. We weren’t yet Maroons then, but still had a tough time stomaching the price. I mean he’s going to keep growing… But you wouldn’t believe how much he loved those things (read: wore them every day). So while Mr. Maroon was on his ‘paternity leave’ (and I use that term very loosely – I will save you from my grumblings of America, Inc. employers’ take on new parents for now), we made our first major outing as a family of four to go to a nearby western wear store.

We were armed with a 25% off coupon. What we weren’t armed with was an idea of the price to expect. We walked directly to the children’s boot section, and Mini Maroon 1 was instantly entranced by them all. He quickly wanted to try on everything. The second he got a pair on, he started strutting and jumping all over the place. It’s the kind of joy and excitement parents live to see in their kids. The shock came when Mr. Maroon told me they were $95 this time around! My heart sank in my chest. Even still we bit the bullet and bought them anyway. As expected, you can hardly get him to take off his new boots. Despite the stunning fashion statement, Mini has insisted on wearing them with his shorts during our recent 90-degree days.

He even SLEEPS in them!

He even SLEEPS in them!

Now, the boots were certainly a splurge for us. He could have more than gotten by with other footwear for the season. But then again I’d feel a little diminished inside if we had denied him the joy of his new boots.

~ Mrs. Maroon

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