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September 5, 2014

FF #10 – Convenience Factor

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During my regular grocery run this week, I was perusing the produce department. I do a fair bit of our spending in the produce department, so I also do quite a bit of price comparisons too. One section in particular caught my eye… all sorts of pre-cut and pre-seasoned veggies wrapped in plastic wrap – everything from sliced peppers to brussel sprouts. I found the brussel sprouts to be the most interesting.

The grocery store had made a great presentation of these ready-to-cook brussel sprouts to help hectic supper time cooking go faster. And they charged a premium for it. I almost fell on the floor when I saw the price of $4.99 for just 9 oz. My very next move was to check out the price of the fresh brussel sprouts. Despite the fact that I had bought some last week, perhaps we had entered a world-wide crisis for them, and the prices had skyrocketed overnight. I quickly confirmed that this crisis was only created in my head – the fresh brussel sprouts were a mere $3.99 per pound.

So here I stand in front of the veggie wall looking at two different sources of the same vegetable. With a Michael Phelps-style wingspan, I could have almost touched both at the same time. My quick math told me that the pre-prepared brussel sprouts were nearly $9 per pound compared to the $4 of the fresh ones. (Note, in telling Mr. Maroon about this scenario, he quickly informed me that the prepared ones were actually $8.87 – thanks math skills!) That’s when I came to the most telling realization of all…

People actually buy these items, or the grocery store wouldn’t waste their time and money preparing them. I anticipate that the target audience is folks with more than a fair bit of disposable income, which are so busy keeping up with their ‘rat-race’ lives affording them the disposable income that they can’t take the five minutes to slice veggies and toss with olive oil and spices. Sounds to me like the exact audience that needs the early financial independence advice more than any of the rest of us…

~ Mrs. Maroon

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