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Mrs. Maroon

February 2, 2015

Moneystepper 2015 Savings Challenge

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We are very happy to be participating in the Moneystepper’s 2015 Savings Challenge. I have been woefully lax in preparing for it, but seeing how the calendar has turned to Groundhog Day, I think it’s high time I get serious about it.   In short, the participants submitted financial goals to achieve for the year […]

Mrs. Maroon

January 23, 2015

A Breeze-Fall

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 Source:  http://www.rockinghamgroup.com/deductible.aspx

This week we closed a rather tumultuous chapter of our lives… we sold our semi-investment property.   Cutting To The Chase… A wire transfer for just over $8,000 hit our checking account to mark the end of that time. We had taken $7,500 to the closing table with us 35 months and 3 days earlier. We didn’t […]

Mrs. Maroon

January 19, 2015

Could I Pay for College With Diapers?

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 We might be prepared for the diaper-pocalypse!

As I changed not one, but two, diapers in the 4 o’clock hour this morning, my brain tailed off into crazy thoughts. Through the amazing, uber-convenient Amazon Mom, we get diapers and wipes delivered directly to our door each month, at a discount. I’ve comparison shopped for the same brands at other discount retailers… Sometimes […]

Mrs. Maroon

January 15, 2015

December 2014 Update

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 "Brewed with peaches and pecans" Need I say more??

I’m going to stop comparing myself to others… everyone else seems to get their month-end update shared by the 1st or 2nd each month. Not me! The last two months I’ve lamented not posting it until the 11th or 12th. And now I’ve even passed that day for the December update. Instead of beating myself […]

Mrs. Maroon

January 13, 2015

A Glimpse Into Retirement

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We are not opposed to child labor

We were given a glimpse into what our retirement lifestyle might look like last week. We started with a short week because of New Year’s. Then we had the threat of winter weather… To everyone north of here thinking “winter weather isn’t that big of a deal!”, all normal functions basically shut down with winter […]

Mrs. Maroon

January 5, 2015

Look Back at 2014 and Ahead to 2015

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 Sunset on the beach...

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the recaps and goals set by fellow PF bloggers. Each time I make mental notes of our past year and plans for the coming one. But those mental notes don’t mean a thing until I let them escape my brain – you can’t read my mind as much as Mr. Maroon […]

Mrs. Maroon

December 25, 2014

A Christmas Brag

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  I’ve been thinking about sharing a full recap of the past two days. But seeing how it’s after 11:00p already, and the real fun (or shall I say madness) starts tomorrow as we travel to Texas to visit my family, I’ll keep it short…   Mr. Maroon outdid himself this year. Although we debated […]

Mrs. Maroon

December 20, 2014

Best Gift Ever

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 They are just sponges. Yes. But they are the BEST sponges ever created!

As I read Mrs. Frugalwoods discuss how she lovingly gifted a Soviet-era tank piston to Mr. Frugalwoods today (okay, it’s been nearly three weeks… but that’s what happens when you first read something while sitting in the dark rocking a baby in the wee hours of the morning – I’m just now getting my thoughts down on paper […]

Mrs. Maroon

December 17, 2014

Happy Debt-iversary

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One year ago today, at roughly the hour of this posting, we made a decision that would alter our entire future… No, we didn’t get married or have a baby. We’d already done both of those! What we did was completely commit ourselves to achieving financial independence. It all started with paying off Mr. Maroon’s […]

Mrs. Maroon

December 15, 2014

Christmas Spirit Continues

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 Handmade crafting at it

Based on Mr. Maroon’s contribution regarding Christmas, you might have gotten the impression that he doesn’t care for the Christmas season. However, you’d be wrong! He’s actually the one that will encourage more decorating around our house. He had the idea to host a Christmas party at our house for friends and family back in Texas. […]