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Accountability Partners

October 29, 2014


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Perfect topic for me today. Today starts yet another new chapter in the Maroon household… my first day back working following the arrival of Mini Maroon 2. I’m keeping her with me while I fit in a half-time work schedule from home. Mini 1 is returning to daycare after having some time at home with the two of us. But that means a total change to my approach in keeping up with the daily tasks and chores of our household.


Life is always a balancing act, and feels like a juggling act more often these days, so now I find myself adjusting to the new ‘normal’. For me and my fellow Type-A personalities, that typically means over-organization and never-ending lists. But so often, I find myself putting in so much effort to make the To Do List that I’m exhausted before I even get started. Then, actually accomplishing the tasks starts to slip, so I find short-cuts to finishing – or more often rationalizations to avoid the task altogether.


How to Stay Focused??

The question becomes, what do I need to keep going when my personal motivation is no longer enough? The answer is simple: ACCOUNTABILITY. I’ve heard the advice given in multiple circles… in order to find even greater success in meeting your goals, find a partner to keep you accountable to continue making progress. Your partner helps to squash out those pesky rationalizations, talk you out of steps backwards, and best yet, remember the whole reason you set the goal in the first place.

The New Webster's Vest Pocket Dictionary, 1986

The New Webster’s Vest Pocket Dictionary, 1986

Light Bulb Moment

I recently came across the advice to get an accountability partner again. It was not the first time I’ve heard the message. This time though, suddenly I found my brain darting off in another direction… an Accountability Partner for achieving our financial goals. Realizing the ultimate desire of our early retirement is several years away for the Maroons. Mr. Maroon and I have found ourselves feeling a little empty staring at the big dream – so large and so far away. Our commitment to the goal can start to flap in the breeze a bit. We need interim goals and targets. We need to be able to celebrate smaller victories much more often. We need an external motivator. And we aren’t the only ones…


Now What?

Starting November 1st Mixing Maroons wants to help you find that accountability partner!! Every week we will open up a new post to share our financial goal for the week. We welcome everyone else to join us in doing the same in the comments. We want to tap into the overwhelming power of a community to encourage and motivate all of us to stay on track and achieve the financial freedoms we are all (desperately) seeking.


No matter how big or small, we want you to share your financial goals. Then the key is to come back to report on how you’re doing…

  • How did you succeed? We want to celebrate with you!
  • Did you have any slip-ups? We can all learn from mistakes.
  • Do you have any secrets to share? Everyone wants to know!
  • What are your moments of weakness? We can help you fight through the temptations.

I truly believe that through consistently making progress with small, realistic goals, over time that large and looming dream of financial freedom will become a reality before we even realize it. So, now let’s get busy working towards that beach!!


~ Mrs. Maroon


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