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Mrs. Maroon

January 10, 2014

A Regular Word from the Mrs.

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The Pressures and Rewards of Domesticity

Ever since we got married, Mr. Maroon has liked to deem me the keeper of the house. He considers it to be the womanly thing. I have always pushed back and resisted. To some degree, it makes me cringe every time he says it. I find it to be intimidating and an overwhelming amount of pressure. Tell me, how do you keep a clean house, plan/shop for/prepare all of the meals, and have clean clothes to wear while maintaining a full-time job and a sense of sanity?!? Oh yes, and care for your children, spend time with your husband, and eek out a little bit of time to catch your breath. But if we are being completely honest with each other, deep down I want to be that domestic goddess that has everything under control, is calm cool and collected, without a single hair out of place. How I’d love to have a beautiful, homemade, healthy meal sitting on the table at 6:00p sharp, with a kitchen that bears no evidence of the cooking at all. If I daydream too much, I might drift off to into the great abyss. The reality is that my current view of the kitchen sink tells me that I have a long ways to go. But why do I tell you all about my domesticity (or lack thereof)?

Our New Weekly Installment

I want to introduce my regular segment called Friday’s Frugalities…. I plan to share my tips for saving money around the house. We spend so much time, effort and money in the things we do around the house, so why not try to optimize our spending there? Plus most of it is not exactly glamorous – hello mopping; I hate mopping the floor! If we are going to spend a little excess money somewhere, I would much prefer for it to be fun and exciting. The thing is that a quick search, or even a brief glance at Facebook, will give a zillion amazing, and somewhat daunting, tips for saving money around the house. Most sound wonderful. I even aspire to be able to add a number of them to my arsenal of savings. But I will only share with you those that I can successfully implement here, in my home, in my world. Some may be short. Others longer… Remember that long list of domestic chores that seems to be staring at me? Regardless, it will all be real.

Oh, Leftovers – Love Them or Hate Them?

Ever since we started thinking about a blog and sharing our story, one particular spending habit of ours has stood out to me: the money that we waste on unused food. I’m ashamed to admit how often I toss out old leftovers, produce, or other perishables that are past their prime. Well past their prime, into the science experiment stage. I’d like to say that I’m trying to teach Mini Maroon about the world, but he’s not quite two yet, so that’s not really going to work as a legitimate excuse. In the end I just don’t use the groceries before they go bad. I can’t even bear to think about trying to tally up the cost of the waste. With our home as my domain through our savings journey, I am bound and determined to do a better job, a much better job, of fully utilizing the groceries that we purchase. I know for certain that this endeavor will require dedication, discipline, and a fair bit of creativity. When it comes to cooking, creativity has never been a super strong point of mine. But then again, all of this is new, so who knows where it will all lead.

That being said, go check out the next post: Friday’s Frugalities #1 – Save Those Berries!

~ Mrs. Maroon

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