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Friday's Frugalities

October 31, 2014

FF #13 – Curl Up and Dye

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A bit of a departure from the blonde of yesteryear!

Except for the curl part. I have the straightest hair in the world. It does not curl unless only the most extreme measures are used. I’m still a little traumatized by my last day of fifth grade… See, I had a dance recital that night. Curly hair absolutely required – the bigger the better. So […]

Accountability Partners

October 29, 2014


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The New Webster

Perfect topic for me today. Today starts yet another new chapter in the Maroon household… my first day back working following the arrival of Mini Maroon 2. I’m keeping her with me while I fit in a half-time work schedule from home. Mini 1 is returning to daycare after having some time at home with […]

Friday's Frugalities

October 3, 2014

FF # 12 – In-frugality Confession

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He even SLEEPS in them!

Taking a slight departure from the traditional Friday’s Frugalities topics, I want to share a recent splurge we made in our spending. Considering that our beach is 155 acres in west Texas, I would imagine it comes as no surprise that the Maroon household likes to wear western boots regularly. In fact, Mr. Maroon wears […]

Mr. Maroon

October 1, 2014

Unexpected Income

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What Should I Spend It On? A relative shared the following photo with me by text message last weekend. In order to make quick sense of it, since I only play the lottery when Santa leaves tickets in my stocking each Christmas, I responded by asking what exactly I should be looking for on this […]