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Mr. Maroon

September 29, 2014

Why Do You Keep Buying Unnecessary Stuff

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Your New Daughter Needs Stuff…No, She Doesn’t For those keeping track, we’re settling in as a family of four. Mrs. Maroon has touched a little bit on new babies and all the “stuff” normal people accessorize them with. So, it’s no wonder that the last two weeks have been filled with packages on the doorstep […]

Friday's Frugalities

September 26, 2014

FF #11 – Frozen Delight

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 Ha! Fooled you... While I will never turn down ice cream, I don

I’ve always been a firm believer in fresh fruits and veggies. With the exception of those super tasty little mandarin oranges, I typically shy away from canned produce. Mr. Maroon has often touted the benefits of frozen produce. Still, call me a skeptic because I’ve just never really bought into it. Cue the enlightenment…   […]

Friday's Frugalities

September 12, 2014

The Day Has Arrived!

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Please excuse me from a detailed posting for  our normal Friday’s Frugalities today… We are headed to the hospital to have a baby!! Excited to meet baby girl in just a few more hours.   Happy Friday!   ~ Mrs. Maroon

Mr. Maroon

September 11, 2014

I Work to Live…

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I don’t live to work. Anybody else ever said that? I reluctantly started my working life in October 1995, at the age of fifteen, as a sacker at a local grocery store. All in all, it wasn’t a bad job, except I remember that it consumed my personal life. Almost every evening after school and […]

Mrs. Maroon

September 6, 2014

The Value of Value

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the concept of value… After all, isn’t that what are seeking – to improve the value of our future life?!? But does it have to come at the expense of value to our current life?   Confession Time I had a bit of a breakdown a couple weeks […]

Friday's Frugalities

September 5, 2014

FF #10 – Convenience Factor

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During my regular grocery run this week, I was perusing the produce department. I do a fair bit of our spending in the produce department, so I also do quite a bit of price comparisons too. One section in particular caught my eye… all sorts of pre-cut and pre-seasoned veggies wrapped in plastic wrap – […]